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Plyke International Chapter 2: Homes Part 1

You don’t know what to write?

Rachel asked sarcastically, lying on my lofted bed. It was Thursday afternoon, and we had just gotten out of school about an hour ago, although Rachel went to a technical highschool a couple blocks away from Athenia. That’s where PINC sent her to do a study on Razor Bouton, this pretty unstable (but very handsome) guy with dreadlocks. However, I’m still in disbelief that his parents named him Razor.

“I know what to write, I just don’t think it will be good enough to land me an affirmative for Task Force enlistment.”

I sat at my medium sized wooden desk, staring at an almost blank page with only my personal information on it. I had spent yesterday afternoon avoiding writing the report in order to try on clothes with Sam, which was a giant waste of time and I knew better. I wasn’t known for doing things like that.

“Alex, can I ask you something?”

I sighed, looking back at Rachel. Even on the bed she looked taller than me. Rachel came in at an astonishing 6ft1, which was abnormal for Plykes. Not so abnormal for Rachel though, seeing as she was only half. Most times when Plykes mated with humans, the child would come out deformed,or come out with some abnormality, or die in the womb. Luckily Rachel came out more than healthy, only her human mother wasn’t as fortunate. She died during childbirth. Rachel didn’t like to talk about it much. Or ever. She lived with her dad in the mountains before enrolling at Plyke International Enrichment Academy, where she stayed with my family. My mother found Rachel living in behind a dumpster one of the upper platforms and obviously couldn’t leave her there. No one else would take her in because she was half blood, and that wasn’t exactly looked upon as a great honor.She had been having a rough time before my mother found her. Rachel didn’t enjoy feeling like a charity case, that had always been something she had made clear. so I wasn’t sure how she felt about my mother taking her in. However she never voiced any negativity towards the subject, so there was no reason for me to bring it up. That was how our relationship worked. We didn’t worry about what was never brought up. But this was the first she had brought up Task force, so it had clearly been on her mind.

“Why do you want to enlist in field so bad? You know Kai is going to kill you. Why not Just work on Platform 9? I’m sure that would be enough of a thrill for you.”

She was referring to my known interest for most things…exhilarant. I wasn’t very much like that anymore, though, for reasons I’d rather not disclosed.

“It’s not about that. Everyone knows that field is the fastest way to complete your Recomandar. The quicker I can get out of that pisswhole the better. And no, Kai isn’t too keen on the idea, but it’s not her choice frankly. I just…I just want to do some good before I leave that place, okay?”

I didn’t exactly have a history of doing that, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that Rachel didn’t believe me. No, when other Plykes heard the name Iatziry, it could literally put some of them into a fear-induced coma. I used to like the thought of that (and I guess i kind of still did) but that’s not the type of impression I wanted to give off anymore. I wanted to be kind. I wanted to be more like-

“You can do good on Platform 9. Or any of them to be honest. Z, you ranked Number 1 in the Placement Exams. You can do anything you want. Yet you choose to fast track? And by means of Field Medical Service? No, something’s up. I just…”

I swiveled my chair to look at her. She was looking at me with those sad blue eyes that she I had only ever seen twice before. Once, the first time I met her. And once, when she watched me murder my great Aunt. Well, that was a story for another time.

“You just what, Rachel? This is obviously concerning you so, just what?

She looked away, and spoke so quietly that I almost couldn’t hear her over the whirling of the ceiling fan.

“I just hope this isn’t about Jesse.”

My skin crawled. So that’s what she was thinking. And honestly, she was half right. However, she was never going to know that. How dare she bring him up, we didn’t talk about that and she knew that.

“Rachel, do me a favor and shut the hell up.”

She was a little shocked at first, but not too shortly after her eyebrows crinkled into a defensive form.

“Seriously, Iatziry? Chill, I was only making a suggestion.”

“So was I. Make all the suggestions you want but you know how I feel about him.”

“Yeah, Z, that’s the problem. If you’re still responding to his name like that after 3 years, then you have way bigger problems than telling your mom about Task Force.”

I turned back around to my desk, clicking my pen and began to scribble nonsense onto my application.

“This conversation is over. Thank you Rachel for your concern but I am just fine and am not in need of your psychiatric help.”

I could literally feel her frowning behind my back but there wasn’t much else to say about the matter.

“Wow, Z. You sure have changed. Not aggressive or mildly angry at all.”

I stopped writing, and realized that I had actually ripped through my paper and was engraving into without noticing. Rachel was right about one thing, I really needed to calm down. I shouldn’t have talked to her like that.

“Here let me tell you what to write.”


She jumped to the floor, ruffling my green sheets a little, and sat down on top me in the chair, putting her hand on her chin, pretending to think pensively.

“Dear Consortium. My experience with Samson Errington was a load of horse manure because he was such a slut and it really disgusted me how he treats Rachel.”

Okay, that did make me smile a bit. I knew that Rachel disliked Sam, but it made her dislike him even more when she realized that he was kind of a manwhore.

“Rachel, you know I can’t write that.” I said, trying to push her off the chair. She resisted putting her feet up on my desk.

“I told you, Z. Write the truth and it will set you free.”

There was a hard knock on my door, and before I even got the chance to ask who it was, one of my guardians, Cody, walked in. That was the usual for him, he never waited for an answer before coming in. I guess the knock was more of a warning than a question.

“Whoa, what’s going on in here?”

Rachel smiled, leaning back onto me.

“Oh, Alex and I were just making out. You know, just lesbian best friend stuff.”

I rolled my eyes, rolling backwards and throwing Rachel to the ground.

“Yeah, Cody. What’s up?”

Cody was a dark skin, eccentric Mega Plyke with hazel eyes and a killer set of dimples. He was also hired to be my guardian during my stay here by my mom because he was an agent for Plyke International Networking Corporation (otherwise known as PINC), where he used to be a contracted killer. Now, the only thing he got to kill was time by doing lowly household chores like washing dishes and sweeping. Cody was very lenient, and always seemed happy to be wherever he was, unlike his other half. He was 25, and had spent the previous 15 years of his life training to kill people-like I had been doing before I decided to begin my study-and now all he did was sit around letting those training years go to waste. I had been assured that I had “saved him” from being an inevitable desk pusher and that he was grateful, but I could honestly never tell. He was here too make sure nothing happened too me, and if it did he could stop it, but…nothing ever did. The most interesting thing about Cody was that he had been trained in the styles of Istunka, Nguni Stick Fighting, Nuba and Tahtib, yet he walked around the house in spiderman pajamas and baked cakes all day. And that is what I meant by eccentric. But what else was he to do? He wasn’t allowed to leave while I wasn’t at the house so I’m sure he was dying of boredom. I did sometimes.

“Iatziry, You have guests in the living room.”

I sighed. I knew it wasn’t Sam because he would’ve just come up the stairs, so these were ‘“real” guests. Which mean they were either from PINC or from Athenia. I wasn’t really in the mood to politely deal with either.

“Who is it?”

Cody smiled, leaning against my door frame.

“Well, Why don’t you go find out? Oh and there’s a cake waiting for you guys to try downstairs.”

“Do I have to get up?”

Rachel snorted from the floor.

“Stop being so lazy.”

I stood up acquiescently, and began walking down the stairs, that creaked underneath my weight. When I first arrived to the house three years ago, I used to be able to jump wildly up and down the stairs without them making a sound. That wasn’t the case anymore, as I had gained weight-a lot of it-due to puberty, sports, and just the all over nature of the amount of cakes that Cody had practically shoved down my throat. Maybe if I had resisted a little more I wouldn’t sound like Ursula from the little mermaid descending down the staircase. I mean, don’t get me wrong. As Sam would probably say, “Ursula was like the queen of bad bitches”, but nobody wants to be Ursula. Everyone wants to be the little mermaid, right?

So busy daydreaming I didn’t even realize when I reached the bottom step before a pair of muscular arms engulfed me into a chokehold, taking me so by surprise I didn’t have enough time to react.

“C’mon Z! You’ve really gotten soft since I last saw you! Put up a fight!”

I couldn’t see my attacker, but you really don’t forget a british accent like that. Jackson O’brien. To put it kindly, Jackson’s presence was…an unexpected surprise.

No, but like seriously, fuck him.

The problems of writing


  • Having a Beginning
  • Having an Ending

And most importantly:





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Iatziry Herrera(OC) in SNK




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                     Write Real People
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I love all the click and drag games on Tumblr and after I read an article about diversity in YA books, I wanted to make a click and drag “game” myself. (i think this was the article, but i’m not sure, sorry)

sortabentglasses this is really freakin cool

this is so cool!


why do people look like their art styles so much
they don’t look exactly like it
but you can look at a person then at their art then back at the person and be like “yes, this is definitely the person who drew this”


This is very old but I found it again and I still like it. Amazing.

All my vampires have their own set of pointy teeth óuò. My babies.



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I’ve been getting a lot of asks lately about the brushes and textures I use in my work, so here’s a BIG FAT REFERENCE POST for those of you who were curious! Bear in mind that I’m really lazy and don’t know what half the settings do, so don’t be afraid to experiment to figure out what works best for you :>



I use the pencil tool with SAI’s native paper texture both for sketching and for applying opaque color with no blending. Lower opacities give it the feel of different pencil hardnesses, while full opacity makes it more like a palette knife, laying down hard-edged, heavy color for detail work or eventual blending with other brushes.

Ink Pen

Mostly made this because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to have to keep turning my textures off/opacity up when I wanted to ink something (even though I don’t do it very often), or lay down flat colors. I find the line quality to be much more crisp than Photoshop, and you can manually adjust in-program stabilization to help smooth out hand wobbles.

Round Brush

The plain ol’ brush tool acts as sort of an in-between for me in terms of brush flow. It’s heavier than my usual workhorse brush, for faster color application and rough blending, but not as heavy as the pencil tool, which has no blending at all. I like to use the canvas texture on this brush to help break up the unnatural smoothness that usually accompanies digital brushes, but it works just fine without.

Flat Brush

A brush tool set to flat bristle is by far my favorite to paint with. I don’t use any textures with it because I think the shape of the brush provides enough of that by itself. I use it for everything from rough washes to more refined shaping and polish. It’s just GREAT.


Best used for smooth blending, washes, gradients, and smoky atmospheric effects.


Basically a grittier version of the watercolor tool, because too much smoothness weird me out. Good for clouds and fog, as the name suggests, or just less boring gradient fills.


To further stave off the artificially smooth look of digital painting, I almost always overlay some sort of paper texture, and it’s almost always this one, which I scanned and edited myself. You’re all welcome to use it, no permission required!

Using overlays in SAI is just as easy as using them in Photoshop. Just paste the texture into its own layer above everything you want it to apply to, and change the layer mode to Overlay. That’s it!

Want a more prominent texture? Up the contrast. Something more subtle? Lower the contrast or reduce the layer opacity. You can also use a tinted overlay to adjust the overall palette and bring a little more color unity to an otherwise disparate piece! Just be aware that too much texture can hurt the readability of the work beneath it, so I’d err on the side of subtlety.

Hope that helps!